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Environmentally friendly, phosphates-free – innovative, concentrated formula contains active components responsible for particular laundry washing phases: removing dirt from fabric,
protecting colour. Especially developed mixture of enzymes causes that only a single
capsule acts on stubborn stains and owing to the content of cellulase it protects fabrics and
keeps them looking new for a long time. Recommended for coloured and dark clothes. The product is economical and easy to use.


Directions for use: Place a laundry capsule into an empty drum, then put in the selected laundry. Run the relevant washing cycle. Always follow the instructions of the producers of fabrics. Do not touch the capsule with wet hands. Note: safety of your child, always keep the cover tightly closed. Do not pierce or press the capsules. Direct contact with the capsule contents may irritate skin or eyes. If a child puts the capsule into the mouth, remove it immediately. If the capsule contents get into the mouth, see a doctor immediately and show the package. Do not use the product with a pre-wash and for handwashing. Do not use for wool and silk. Storage: Store in dry place at a temperature of 5,0-25,0°C. Protect from freezing. Protect from direct sunlight. Best before 3 years from a production date given on a packaging.

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